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Khrysti Hill Biography

Khrysti Hill was born in Mississippi, and she grew up in Toledo and Columbus Ohio. Khrysti says that one of her favorite pastimes is traveling and meeting people, but he most favorite is eating. Khrysti has said that she doesn’t worry about her eating habits because “The frame is going to be straight for years”. This hip hop lovely says that she has had a curvaceous body since the age of 11. A smokin’ body could possibly be a problem for an 11 year old but Khrysti Hill has been quoted as saying “It’s no longer a curse, believe me, I’m making the most of what I’ve got now”.

Khrysti Hill’s modeling career got started for her when she got turned on to it in Ohio with her first photo shoot, but it was a while before her career really took off. Khrysti decided to really focus on modeling after her shoot with Show Magazine.

The next step for Khrysti was when she contacted Dwyane Darden from and went into production mode for her personal website. Since the website has been put up into place things have been pretty constant for Khrysti Hill ebony erotic

leading up to the career she has today. Khrysti has also worked with photographer Ron Johnson, and has also appeared in King Magazine. Khrysti Hill’s appearance in King Magazine has made her currently one of the models featured as a web girl contestant.

Print appearances to Khrysti Hill’s credit include:


Against the Grain

Source Magazine

Blackmen Magazine

Real Name: Khrysti Hill
Nicknames: None Known
Birth Date: July 24, 1984
Birth Place: Mississippi
Height: 5’4
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Measurements: 34DD – 26 – 43

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